Five Best Open Source HR Software for Organizations

With a cut throat competition in the global market, it has become pivotal for organizations to retain their most important asset human resource. The success graph of any organization depends largely on its workforce along with other factors like products, strategies, and technology. It has been observed that controlling all these factors is easy for employers except human resource. Thus, if you wish to handle all your employees efficiently then human resource management is indispensable. Under human resource management, employers use state-of-the-art technology to manage their work force to yield maximum output.

The market of HR software has grown large in the past couple of years and today it is possible to get higher-performance HR software free of cost. It is true that various open source software can be used for HR management but here we have listed the best five for you.

  1. Waypoint HR With a stable and flexible interface, WaypointHR is one amongst the most sought after open source HR software. Using this software, HR professionals can store details about all the employees in the organization and access them whenever required. This HR software is highly user-friendly and professionals with meager technical knowledge can operate this software with a breeze.
  2. Open Applicant To streamline the recruitment process in an organization, Open Applicant software is a wise choice. The software has been specifically designed to track numbers of applicants and assess their performance too. Along with it, HR professional can resort to this free software to make background checks on applicants too. Some additional features of the software include screening of resume and emails, reporting, customized assessment tests and many more.
  3. LATRIX It is a web application which can be used effectively by any organization to monitor and manage its human resource. From applications to report submission, HR professional can accomplish everything using this single web application. Since every enterprise has varying need and requirements, the user can configure LATRIX with the help of seventeen different options. Some other striking features of this HR software include block periods, public holidays, multiple time zones and locations, shifts and lots more.
  4. OrangeHRM To improve communication between HR professionals and rest of the employees in the organization, free OrgangeHRM can be used with ease. The software occupies a small space of 5.7 MB on your disc and in turn offers valuable features. This software compasses all functions required necessarily in an organization. Some of the modules in this open source software are benefit module, personal information management module, employee self-service module, applicant module and the list goes on and on.
  5. TimeTrex In most of the enterprises, monitoring employee attendance accurately is a matter of concern. To carry out the task of employee attendance properly, TimeTrex appears to be one of the best options. It is a real-time software that keeps a check on the attendance of the employees from any location of the world. Above all, enterprises can customize this open source HR software according to their requirements and budget.

Since all these software mentioned above are open source, organizations can try using each of them to find out the one, which is best suitable.

15 thoughts on “Five Best Open Source HR Software for Organizations

  1. Thanks for posting this article. This is one way small and medium companies can save a lot of money. I am using OrangeHRM in one of my clients and it is easy to install, configure and use.

  2. I am wanting to learn how to build a customised orange hrm system to put onto a clien’ts computer for the client to use. I have no idea how to do this? Please can someone guide me as to how I can learn to do this or direct me to someone who can teach me how to do this from start to finish. I am very keen on this system.

  3. Great list of tools!
    I have to agree with you. It is the hr’s responsibility to monitor his staff’s productivity. He should keep a variety of records, including the staff’s time.
    Employee monitoring nowadays aren’t that difficult. There are lots of tools to use like time tracking software. But before installing the first tool you could find, you have to check first if it tracks time accurately. Because if it doesn’t, then it’s just like having no employee monitoring tool at all.
    You should do some research first. TimeTrex sounds like a pretty cool software, I might check it out!

  4. i am looking for an application to offer employment services where individuals/companies can register. ideally the system should web based and be able to match information on the database eg jobs avaialable and applicants’ qualifications and then send email or sms. can anybody help.

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