Automate Applicant Tracking with Open Applicant

The success of every organization depends largely on its workforce. With talented and dedicated employees, any burgeoning organization can reach staggering heights in a few years. The responsibility of interviewing and selecting candidates depend on the HR department and HR professionals have to be careful while carrying out this crucial task.

To make their work efficient both in terms of money and time, HR professionals use different software designed to perform specific or multiple functions. For those who are searching for some software specifically for recruitment purpose, Open Applicant emerges out as a good choice.

About Open Applicant

Open Applicant – Highly popular HR software is designed exclusively for selecting applicants for an organization. The software is available free on the official website of the developer organization and anyone can download it to manage details about the applicants in an easy manner. To get a better insight into the working and features of this HR software continue reading the paragraphs below.

A Demo Account for All

The foremost feature that can lure any user towards Open Applicant is a demo account for all. Even before you spend your time for downloading the software, you can catch a glimpse of its working through the demo account. There is a demo account and users can login to the account to find out how does the entire software work.
If you wish to login to this account right away, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the link -
  2. Enter email id –
  3. Enter password – demo

Once done, you would be redirected to the demo account where users can try out with every possible feature offered under Open Applicant.

Downloading Open Applicant is Simple

If you are happy with the clean and user-friendly interface of Open Applicant, it can be downloaded from the official website. To download this particular applicant tracking software, users do not need to worry about hardware related requirements. The software is run using a web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari) and you just need to download Source Forge.

A large percentage of HR professionals do not like getting involved in the hassle of downloading and installing software. For such professionals, Open Applicant offers a hosting service too. Yes, to escape the download and installation process you can request for hosting service from this company at extremely nominal prices.

Open Applicant’s Striking Features

Functions performed by Open Applicant are many and it is not possible to list them in one place. However, a small list of unique features of Open Applicant has been given below to make our readers aware of the kinds of tasks this free HR software can perform.

  • Storing complete details of the applicants in a list.
  • Uploading resume, cover letter.
  • Archiving resumes and candidates easily in folders.
  • Creating different tests for applicants applying in different departments.
  • Displaying results and deciding whether the candidate is suitable or not.
  • Creating reports for submission to higher authorities.
  • Forming test libraries.

To wrap up, Open Applicant is clean, user-friendly HR software designed exclusively for interviewing candidates from time to time. The software is available free of cost and small scale companies can use it to save unwanted expenses while recruiting candidates for different positions.

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