Qualities of a Good Human Resource Manager

HR manager has a tricky job to manage. She needs to meet and work with people who are being hired and also with those being fired. She also needs to talk to unhappy employees and talk her way around complex situations. To excel at her work, she needs to have following skills.

Attentive listener

A good HR manager is expected to handle difficulties and problems between employees at work and she will be required to listen to the problems with a sympathetic but objective ear. The need to be an attentive listener is very important. An HR manager makes sure that she gives her complete attention to the employees during meetings and discussions.

Fairness and firmness

HR managers are the key liaison between employees. She should remain unbiased while
resolving issues. She represents her company and she should be transparent in her dealings. Firmness is required so that the softness is not taken for granted. She should be firm in her dealings with a soft approach.


Commitment to her projects and work is important. If a manager is committed she will be able to pull her team forward in trying times. She holds a vision for the collective team and moves a team closer to the end result.

Being Human

Employees like managers who are human and who don’t take advantage of their authority.
Now that doesn’t mean that HR managers have to be good with all at all times but, she should know how to deal with her employees in a more prudent way.


This quality is required for keeping employees happy and satisfactory. The HR manager should be well versed with her employee’s interests, needs, hopes, desires and values without which adequate motivation is impossible.

Other than these qualities, HR managers must also posses certain skills such as:

Intelligence: This includes skills to communicate, articulate and understand. A good command over language, ability to draft policies etc.

Educational Skills: HR manager must possess these learning and teaching skills as she has to learn and teach her subordinates about organizational growth, structure and mode of development.

Discriminating skills: HR mangers should be able to discriminate between right or wrong, just or unjust and merit or demerit.

Executing skills: HR managers should be able to execute issues with speed and accuracy. She should be able to set standards of performance, coordinates and control.

In order to maintain the environment where people can share the vision, know the goals,
understand their roles and can take full responsibility of their actions, HR managers must be skillful and qualitative.

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