Workforce Planning

Good plans shape good decisions. And hence the need of good planning is an essential part of good business.

Workforce planning helps an organisation in calculating its future workforce requirements and determining the nature, number and sources of potential employees who are required to meet the demand.

To explain it more simply, workforce planning is about getting the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time.

Once the organization is aware of its needs and goals, it is comparatively easier to identify the amount of talent required to get there.

Workforce planning requires a comprehensive study of the organisation wherein managers are required to design a structure for making staffing decision based on the organization’s mission, vision and resources.

Strategic planning, budget and human resources are the key players in workforce planning.

Not everyone understands the importance of workforce planning, but strategically workforce planning enables managers to avoid people problems that could crop up in future and improve the talent pipeline to ensure the organization will have the required people to meet the organization’s goals.

Here is some usefulness of workforce planning;

  • It helps in identifying and preparing the managers for future requirements.
  • It helps in filling up the sudden vacancies in key roles with capable talent.
  • It increases the overall productivity of the workforce and enables organization to achieve its desired goals.
  • It helps in maintaining the availability of conditional workforce.
  • It reduces labour costs without affecting productivity

How it works?

Workforce planning begins with analysis of the strategic positions of the organization. This analysis is then used to predict the demand of workforce and how this demand can be supplied. The final stage involves the creation and implementation of the human resource plan which aim to deliver the right number of right people at the right time.

Organizations are advised to use workforce planning to avoid uncertainty and identify the right workforce strategy to put in place today to be prepared for the future.

Create a plan, follow a plan and you will be surprised to see how successful your organization could be.

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